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Descours & Cabaud230 years DESCOURS & CABAUD

Founded Descours & Cabaud in Lyon.

1945 – 1965
In the post-war years DESCOURS & CABAUD uses all development opportunities to grow. In the 60s the group has 44 locations in France and 38 abroad.

1966 – 1993
DESCOURS & CABAUD settles its first branch in the US and continues to expand its presence worldwide.

105 branches in France, 55 abroad in 11 countries with a total of 6,200 employees

1990 – 1993
DESCOURS & CABAUD defies the recession by investing extensively in all its subsidiaries to modernize and tailor their operations to market and customer requirements.

1994 – 2012
Globalization of the economy, as the market leader DESCOURS & CABAUD is expanding the company across Europe.

1999 – 2005
DESCOURS & CABAUD founds two European brands: PROLIANS and DEXIS. The multi-specialist label PROLIANS is aimed at the construction industry, authorities and local authorities. PROLIANS has an incomparable territorial presence and a wide range of offerings. At "PROLIANS" the "Alliance of professionals" is program!

DEXIS, the technical trade label, offers all industry sectors a selection of well-known brands of leading manufacturers. DEXIS is developing complementary services to confirm its position as a technical specialist. DEXIS counts for "industrial expertise"! DESCOURS & CABAUD is the market leader in personal protective equipment.

394 branches in France, 72 abroad and 11.210 employees

2006 – 2012
After the crisis in 2008, DESCOURS & CABAUD accelerates its international growth.

DESCOURS & CABAUD settles in Germany and founds TKD GmbH.

3,1 Billion Euro in sales, 12,230 employees, thereof 1,815 abroad. 590 sales locations, of which 130 abroad in 10 countries. DESCOURS & CABAUD is the market leader in France, Spain and Benelux.

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