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FirmenbildBelongs to the DEXIS division of DESCOURS & CABAUD with Headquarter in Lyon:

  • founded in 2012
  • first branch/subsidiary of DEXIS in Germany
  • Headquarter and Warehouse in 42499 Hückeswagen, Germany
  • focused on OEM solutions

The extensive product range and the proven DEXISPlus concept make the difference in the market.

The decentralized structures, supported by a central office service, guarantee high flexibility for your general and individual applications.

Company Policy

Through years of experience together with qualified and dedicated employees and the implementation of consistent quality management, we guarantee our customers a consistently high quality of our products. With the protection of the environment and the safety of our employees is an integral part of our corporate governance.

Customer- and supplier orientation:

  • We strive for long-term, mutually trusted cooperation with our customers and suppliers.
  • We follow a zero-defect policy to be run by all our customers as A-Suppliers.
  • Due to our high-quality product quality we want to keep our customers as permanent customers.
  • Through continuous supplier qualification we create a close cooperation with our suppliers and communicate the customer's wishes without any interface losses.

Employee orientation:

  • We ensure the health and safety of our employees at their workplace.
  • We are constantly improving the working conditions of our employees and invest in future-proof jobs.
  • Through appropriate training, our employees are encouraged to act in a safe, quality-conscious and environmentally conscious manner.

Continuous improvement process:

  • Continuous improvement process.

Environment and safety:

  • We act in the awareness of our responsibility for safety, health and the environment. We bear this responsibility towards our employees and the public.
  • We consistently comply with the legal and operational requirements for the prevention of personal injury, property damage and environmental damage.
  • We strive to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards.
  • We want to use natural resources such as raw materials, energy, water and consumer goods as sparingly as possible..


Carlos Dantas
Senior Management

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Company PolicyCompany Policy

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